As President of the Shadows Property Owners Association, I'm proud to announce that we have joined the Mandeville Civic Coalition (MCC). The Mandeville Civic Coalition came into existence as a result of the objections of the Shadows and Fontainbleau Property Owners Associations to the "proposed" Holiday Inn Hotel on Lovers Lane. After persistent objections by the leaders of the property associations, the developer withdrew the proposal from the Mandeville Planning and Zoning Board. The MCC is the brain child of Mr. Ray Baas, President of Golden Shores Civic Association. Having been involved in the organizational objections to the hotel being built, I clearly saw a need for such an organization. I'm proud to say that I have been asked to be an officer in MCC and to take on the first ever Secretary - Treasurer position. I'm currently waiting to be confirmed for this position by the member leaders of MCC.

More information about the MCC will be forthcoming.